I am really PUMPED UP for 2017 ! Are you with me ??

I am really pumped up while writing this email to you :-)

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It amazing how traders and clients of SOKHI TEAM are supporting my F1P Initiative..

This is by far the best thing which has happened to me in 2016 and I really need to thank you for ur Love & Trust towards SOKHI TEAM !

See below the Feed Back from Traders / Sokhi Team Family Members who made Profits in Motherson SUMI + Exide + Gail + Asian Paints + BEML + Indusind Bank , my only condition here is that if u make money following us remember us in your Prayers and F1P ( Feed One Poor ) with ur Profits :

** Click here to Enlarge. [ You are really doing a great job. Its very difficult to find people like you in today's mean-minded society. GOD BLESS YOU...BR. ]

** Click here to Enlarge. [ Gm sir, balle balle in mother Sumi.....entered at 330 and exit at 334.....God bless u with health and wealth...tq ]

** Click here to Enlarge. [ good morning sir, you are flying jatt. you are a stock market god. i made profit 7500/- mothersumi. 330 to 333..thank yoy sir..yogesh ]

** Click here to Enlarge. [ Hi sokhi team you are money tree ,I made 20,000 profit on mother son..Thanks..Madhanagopal chennai ]

** Click here to Enlarge. [ Hello Sir, Sir i have made a payment of Rs.38000/- towards lifetime membership to trade with real traders, following are the details..Name: Prashant Pawar..E-mail: pypXXXmail.com..Mobile: 9XXXX2600..Payment ID: 131495278..Kindly confirm me the same when u receive the membership fees...Trading with Real traders now. ]

** Click here to Enlarge. [ Dear Sir, Wish You And your TEAM 'Happy New year '..Sir i made profit Rs 2500/ would make 7500/ but could not enter at right time Bought @331.85 and sold @ 332.85 any way its good profit for me as after joining Sokhi team only getting profit before was only loss..]

** Click here to Enlarge. [ Hello sir i m going to make payment of rs. 38000/- for life time membership through credit card...Amit Aswal..9XXX32561..921XXX330 ]

** Click here to Enlarge. [ 4000 already achieved in beml...Still holding, to cross more than 1000 ]

** Click here to Enlarge. [ Dear Sir, I have no words to express my feelings for a noble cause which is initiated by you & your team as F1P ( Feed One Poor ) Trades.Really i do not believe what you are offering to novice traders is just like a miracle.May GOD Bless you for your golden future and sound health.
With warm regards, Raj ]

** Click here to Enarge. [ Dear Chranpreetji...Made again a handsome profit of Rs.7000/- on Asian paints...Thanks for your valuable advise and I will remember you in my prayers and is definitely following FIP. May God bless you...GXXXXXrishnan..Project Manager,..PO BOX 4481, Al KautXXXXng Co.LLC,..Sharjah..00971558XXXX.]

** Click here to Enlarge. [ SIR U R THE GREATEST PERSON I SAW IN PAST 15 YEARS WHO BOLDLY..WRITE ABOUT STOPLOSS TRIGGER TRADES ALSO..Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android..On Wed, 28 Dec, 2016 at 10:55 a.m., sreeman narayana..<sreXXXX3@yahoo.co.in> wrote: YES SIR WE BOOKED @888 INDUS @1070..]

** Click here to Enlarge. [ YOU ARE GREAT SIR THEIR IS NO WORD TO SAY......]


** Click here to Enlarge. [ Dear Sokhi Team, Thank u very much for your valuable advise. I made Rs.6000/- profits in this trade which lasted just 20 minutes. God bless you...G.HaXXXXnan..Project Manager, PO BOX 4481, Al KXXXXXcting Co.LLC, Sharjah...009715XXX000.]

** Click here to Enlarge. [ hello.............sir with lot of respect, i salute u and ur effort .....GOD BLESS YOU WITH GREAT SUCCESS AND HAPPINESS..i have received ur mail since 3 to 4 months, but i am really sorry for that, i never paid much attention..now days i am watching ur videos on youtube and taking seriously ur mails...again Thanking for ur support for trading and investment.]

** Click here to Enlarge. [ Hello sir..In simple words.... Great Job...you are amazing human being...Regards,Sachin ]

** Click here to Enlarge. [ Tq sirjii....I bought at 988 and exited at 995.50 god bless u sir ]

** Click here to Enlarge. [ This was superb sir.. I did not trade but observing...Regards Umesh ]

** Click here to Enlarge. [ Rs.30,000/-. And due to your valuable advise..Thanks again.]

** Click here to Enlarge. [ dear chanpreeth sir, on 23/12/16 i have booked profit RS-4500/- in GAIL with the help of your great inside day stratage. heartfull thanks to you and your team..]

** Click here to Enlarge. [ Dear Sir, Watching your calls since last 20days.Can't believe that there is such high accuracy in stock market.Thought that like all other tip providers this will also not work.You have provided almost 16 to 17 inside bar calls.All in profit.that too free of cost.Hats off to you sir. Now there is no reason not to trust your sytem.Subscribing your services from today. Regards, Neelesh Nair, M-09XXXXX81..081XXXXX40 ]

** Click here to Enlarge. [ Thanks..Chanprit ji and sokhi team ... This was my first trade with you .. I entered at 172.50 and exited at 174.30 ... Within 24 hours a beautiful 7200 rs profit.. love you all.. keep your hard work ..and we believe in you as a genuine guide... Thanks a lot again.]

** Click here to Enlarge. [ Dear Sir, At last i booked a profit more than 6000 in a lot on my very first trade. Thanks sir for tremendous call of Exide Future.:) Thanks & Regards ]

** Click here to Enlarge. [ Dear chanpreet sir, I have booked 6800 profit from my first trade in EXIDIND. I enter little late bcz i was talking on phone when ur message came so read late. Anyhow it is just like my 1st run count in this game with u...Thanks for your valuable efforts for the others.]

** Click here to Enlarge. [ Dear Sir, I have been an annual member of Sokhi Team so far and am highly satisfied with your honest advice. I am happy to inform that I have paid the Life Time Association fee of Rs 38000/- to you just now, with payment ID 130667585...Hope you will acknowledge it and send me a reply...Regards, Uttam Patowary..Mobile: 9934XXXX..Ramgarh, Jharkhand ]

** Click here to Enlarge. [ Dear Mr. Chanpreet Singh, Thank you so much for this mail. I made a profit of 4725/- Sold at 423.40 and bought at 420.25. I made this profit within 14 minutes!!! You are great!!! Thank you very much once again. ..Nagaraja Rao..98455XXXXX ]

** Click here to Enlarge. [ I also booked profit I will feed one poor on your behalf I want one support from your side kindly clear RSI 5ema and parabolic sar concept I am not familiar with these words ] 

** Click here to Enlarge. [ First profit after joined as life member 6000+ on Gail..(Madhanagopal. Chennai)..Thanks..Sokhi team ]

** Click here to Enlarge. [  Thank you sir, I booked 6000 profit. Hats off to ur inside candle strategy. God bless u & ur family..Regards Amit ]

** Click here to Enlarge. [ Dear all, I wish you the Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year to team Sokhi. May this New Year brings you with health, wealth and prosperity...Continue your good work and sustainable service to community. May god bless you with everyone's prayers in turn...Have a wonderful year ahead. Take care ! Regards, Ali ]

** Click here to Enlarge. [ Dear Sir, Thanks for sending excellent information regarding stocks.May God Bless you for helping the poor people...With best wishes..Raj ]

Remember one more thing '' More than Money you need Courage to Make money ! ''

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