Feed One Poor Strategy ( F1P) which can Single Handedly Change your Future !


  Hello Buddy ! I promised you that I had a Great News for you, which I shall share with you today !

First of all, I really want to thank you for believing in my Strategy and it feels great to see so many traders made money following my INSIDE DAY STRATEGY most made anywhere between 7,000 to 10,000 profits in Nifty :-) YIPEEEEE

Now the Good News here is that yesterday if you had only followed my '' SOKHI SECRET INSIDE CANDLE INTRADAY STRATEGY '' you still would have made Amazing Money not only in Nifty buy in many other stocks as well.

Before you proceed recall '' SOKHI SECRET INSIDE CANDLE INTRADAY STRATEGY '' from here >>

See here I really want you to make money from your own personal trading rather depending on you someone else or falling prey to an advisory company.

My only request to you is to remember me in your prayers and if you make money please try to Feed One Poor (F1P) :-)


1. First Locate the Inside Candle in 15 mins, 30 mins or 1 hr Charts.

2. Make sure the prices are above the 5 EMA - Red Line in the Charts (it may also be just at the red line also).

3. Make sure the 5 EMA is sloping UPWARDS.

4. Make sure the Parabolic Sar (0.02, 0.2) or the dotted lines are below the 5 EMA Line.

5. Now Buy Above the Inside Candle High with Stop-loss at the Inside Candle Low.

6. Make sure the whole setup takes shape above or at or near the Bollinger Band (20,2) Middle Line or Upper Band Area.

7. Stay in the Trade till the Prices are above the 5 EMA or till the Parabolic Dots keep appearing below the 5 EMA.

8. I also prefer to check the daily charts to see of the Prices are above the 5 EMA as well but you may even skip this part.

9. I bet you will make money in this Strategy my only request to you is to remember me in your prayers and please try to Feed One Poor (F1P) with your Profits.

10. Just don't believe in this Strategy your life goes as it is. Only me and my God Knows how much money I have made following this simple stuff. Now I want you to achieve your financial goals as I know how it exactly feel to be in HUGE DEBTS...see my story here >>

Remember I could have charged you anything for this strategy but I choose to give it away from FREE as I believe in the philosophy " You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.."

I urge to be serious here and follow this strategy give me ur feedback at service@sokhipaid.com or sms me at 09239176426

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Now friend you know this thing is POWERFUL and you know this has the potential to single handedly change the way you trade and make you consistent money every month ! ** There may be some whipsaws and trades hitting stop-loss but the beauty here is the risk and rewards is too much in your favor and once you keep practicing this strategy your results will astonish you :-)

Take responsibility of your Life , Sokhi Team and Myself want to you to be SUCCESSFUL and achieve our Financial Freedom. You are born to make all your DREAMS COME TRUE. Start from TODAYYYY :-)

Remember one more thing '' More than Money you need Courage to Make money ! ''

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